18 March 2011

At the beginning of January, we had a freak snowstorm and got around 6 inches of snow, which never happens here. It made me not be able to go to school until two days after I was supposed to leave, unfortunately, but it was also beautiful and made everything look like a winter wonderland. I got the photos developed yesterday and got free prints, which was awesome :D

17 March 2011

This is my boyfriend, his name is Jake and I'm rather fond of him

This past Christmas eve, my family and I went to the zoo. It was perfect because it wasn't too cold and there weren't that many people there either, although the flamingos were a little chilly. We also did other things it Atlanta and all in all it was a lovely trip and a wonderful way to spend Christmas eve.

06 March 2011

Double exposure is one of my favorite effects in photography. I didn't like these at first too much, but upon reflection, they aren't so bad (in my opinion). The top one is me, the bottom one is my best friend Hannah