04 August 2011

Hannah comes to Auburn

A few weekends ago, Hannah visited me at Auburn for the first time :) We had a pretty good time and hung out with my friends some. This picture is from one evening when we went to Chewacla State Park and walked around the nature trails. On the trip, we found these little ponds that had so many adorable turtles (which we fed flowers) and tiny fish and things. We also went to several different thrift stores and visited an art museum on campus (for free!). It was a really nice time and I'm glad she came to visit. These pictures are more vibrant than normal because I accidentally pulled 400 film down to 200, so it overexposed it a bit, but I like the colors so far.

28 July 2011

Summer semester is coming to a close, and the rest of our little "friend group" is beginning to return to Auburn. I never really felt like an actual part of the school family, more thrown into it than anything else, but appreciated having people to spend time with. The two people in the above pictures basically defined my first year of school- Cass was my roommate and best friend for a while and Jake was my boyfriend.

07 July 2011


My friend Hannah and I are in a band together named Skinnybones (although we don't officially have any music yet), so I made this fake album art because I got a free trial version of CS5 this afternoon :3

05 July 2011

Father's Day in Mobile

For Father's Day, my mom and I took my dad to Mobile, AL for the weekend. We had a really great time and it's really beautiful down there. The first three pictures are from the trip to the beach on the last day, before heading back home. We went to this delicious seafood restaurant for dinner the first night and it had this cool old boat outside in the parking lot. When we first got there, after checking into the hotel, we drove around and explored the city (which reminded me a lot of Savannah) and came across a square with Spanish benches and flags and a fountain. After the beach the last day, we visited one of the best restaurants I've ever been to and they had that map with pushpins to show where everyone was from.

30 June 2011

favorites, pt. 1

Hello! Sorry I haven't updated in a while (read: forever); the last roll of film that I went to get developed (B&W) didn't turn out at all :( So, I have another roll to get developed this weekend and hopefully will have new pictures soon, for here and flickr. So instead, here are some of my favorites beginning with my very first roll that I shot. From top to bottom: Gracie, my aunt's dog, Nutella, my glasses on my friend's windowsill, my sister, the ocean in Atlantic City and a fake orchid my aunt gave us.